Digital Inverters for Motors
January 2003
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The GENESIS™ digital inverters for three-phase a.c. induction motors through 30 hp include the KBE2 Series, KBN2 Series, and the KBV2 Series. The KBE2 Series (IP-20, NEMA-4) drives are said to be compact in size and easy to install and operate. The three-digit LED display and digital keypad are said to facilitate programming. Remote control operation is achieved with isolated terminals for start/stop, forward/reverse, and analog signal input/output. They reportedly provide a simple low-cost solution for applications through 3 hp. The KBE2 is available in IP-20 and NEMA-4 (indoor) enclosures. The KBN2 Series (NEMA-1) are full-featured drives rated through 30 hp. The remote mountable keypad with four-digit LED display provides full programming features and custom readouts. The KBN2 contains preset speeds, process timers, and sequence control functions. The PC-based RS-232/485 communications options facilitate programming. The KBV2 Series drives are advanced versions of the KBN2 Series drives. The sensorless flux-vector operation mode provides more than 200-percent torque down to 1 Hz. Closed-loop flux vector operation is also available. Process control is accomplished with the programmable PID functions. KB Electronics, Inc.

KB Electronics, Inc.

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