Peristalic Hand Pump
January 2003
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The Loctite® peristaltic hand pump is a volumetric bottle-top applicator that dispenses metered drops of liquid anaerobic threadlockers, retaining compounds, and thread sealants for manual dispense applications. The pump is said to mount easily onto any Loctite 50-ml or 250-ml bottle, converting the package into a leak-proof, portable dispenser. The assembly will not leak regardless of bottle orientation, minimizing adhesive waste, according to the supplier. The hand pump is suitable for applications requiring single shots of product and is especially useful when freedom from product feed-lines is required. The pump features an adjustable dispense knob that allows for controlled, consistent dispensing of shots from 0.01-0.40 ml, with viscosities up to 30,000 cP. The pump's applicator nozzle accepts a variety of dispensing needles. Henkel Loctite Corporation

Henkel Loctite Corporation

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