Benchtop Welding Systems
January 2003
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A range of benchtop welding systems encompasses a full series of plug-and-play weld heads for medium- to large-scale resistance welding applications. The heads are said to feature fast follow-up for improved weld-to-weld consistency, reduced material expulsion, and better weld appearance. Each is built on a heavy-duty frame with the finest air and mechanical components to meet the demands of rigorous production environments, according to the supplier. For extra precision and more demanding applications, all heads can be equipped with optional features to provide full functional feedback for total weld accountability. Each head can be run with either a.c. or d.c. inverter controls. The benchtop heads are suitable for applications such as appliance sub-assemblies, electrical components, electronic components, projection welds, wire harness welding, medical components, and bi-metal contact welding. Unitek Miyachi Corporation

Unitek Miyachi Corporation

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