Flexible Urethane for Strain Relief
January 2003
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The company's Cable Cast FR is a tough, flame-retardant urethane for encapsulating, insulating, and providing strain relief on electrical cables and connectors. It is said to form a tough, flexible jacket or casing with exceptional abrasion, tear, puncture, and environmental resistance. It is also suitable for making fast, economical repairs to cable jackets and insulation in various applications. A black, nonshrinking, castable liquid, Cable Cast FR forms rigid, yet flexible rubber parts for a variety of OEM applications. It has a pot life of 10 min and a demolding time of 60 min. It is said to achieve functional cure in 16 hr at 75°F (24°C) and full cure in 48 hr. Once cured, Cable Cast FR has a tensile strength of 2,600 psi (ASTM D412) and a maximum elongation of 800 percent (ASTM D412), making it suitable for strain relief applications. Devcon


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