Tolerance Ring Mount
January 2003
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Recent studies by this tolerance ring specialist show that resonance in bearings can be effectively addressed by using a tolerance ring mount rather than traditional rubber or solid contacts. Use of the rings can reportedly eliminate some lower frequencies and is said to raise the frequency at which resonance occurs. Resonance is also stabilized so that there is less variability from unit to unit. The rings' performance in this regard derives from the waveform around the circumference that locates against the mating components. Because the waves are spaced out around the ring and have multiple contact points between it and the bearing, there are said to be different damping characteristics than would be the case were the bearing mounted directly into a casing. The company says that, depending on application, frequencies up to approximately 30-percent higher will be accommodated before resonance occurs, and the resonance level will be about 60-percent more stable. The implication both for applications demanding exceptional accuracy and for high-vibration environments is said to be a significant improvement in performance and bearing durability.
Rencol Tolerance Rings

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