Central Vacuum System
May 2003
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The new Serenity(R) Plus Central Vacuum System is a completely redesigned central vacuum system that is said to enhance the company's clinically proven ability to relieve allergy symptoms. With its new Air Watts Series motor that is designed specifically for central vacuum system application, the Serenity Plus is said to deliver maximum cleaning power. Exclusive to the system is a CleanStream(TM) filtration system developed by Gore-Tex fabric maker W.L. Gore Co., in collaboration with the company's research and development unit. The self-cleaning CleanStream Filtration system is said to assure maximum air flow throughout the cleaning process. It traps dust on a thin surface membrane, then sheds it into the collection receptacle when the unit is turned off. The CleanStream filter is said to completely repel collected dust and reportedly never needs to be replaced. Beam Industries, Webster City, IA, U.S.

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