Zap Telemarketing Calls
January 2003
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The TeleZapperĀ® is offering consumers a new way to protect themselves against telemarketing calls. Every time a person or answering machine picks up a call, the TeleZapper emits a series of one to three tones from "Basic" to "Advanced Privacy" (depending on how it is programmed). This tone or series of tones indicates to a telemarketing computer that the phone number is disconnected. Within seconds of recognizing the tones, the telemarketing computer drops the call and stores the phone number as disconnected in its database. Over time, as the TeleZapper works to remove a number from more and more call lists, telemarketing calls become fewer and fewer. The TeleZapper is small and compact and is battery powered for up to 7 years. The device plugs into a phone, answering machine, or directly into a phone jack. It covers all extensions or answering machines connected to that line and won't interfere with other phone features or services. Privacy Technologies Inc., Glenwillow, OH, U.S.;

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