Two-Stage Gas Furnaces
August 2003
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The G60 is a mid-efficiency gas furnace that features two stages of heating for customized comfort and is part of the company's Elite Series. The furnace's two-stage heating reportedly helps reduce temperature swings in the home. According to the company, with traditional furnaces, the temperature inside a home experiences large temperature swings. The two-stage G60 can reportedly control temperatures to within as little as 1° of the thermostat setting. The first stage consists of the furnace running at about 68 percent of its heating capacity. A two-stage furnace will always start in the first stage and attempt to meet the heating demand, the company claims. This reduced capacity is reportedly enough to warm a home on mild winter days. When temperatures drop, the furnace adjusts itself and enters the second stage to meet the demand for heat within the home. Since the furnace's first stage of heating is adequate to meet household heating demands about 80 percent of the time, the G60 is also said to be quieter than conventional single-stage furnaces. Lennox Industries Inc., Dallas, TX, U.S.,

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