Electrical Safety Testing
November 2002
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QuadTech, Inc. has released a new edition of its Product Safety Testing Guide, intended for engineers and test equipment operators involved in the manufacturing and service of electrical and electronic products. The 4th edition of this web version comprises 50 pages and contains the most current and detailed information on a variety of safety test related topics, including how and why tests should be performed, operator safety, test equipment requirements, the latest in test technology, and detailed information on product standards from a number of governing agencies. The guide provides an overview of product safety, worldwide regulatory standards, and discussion of how the most common tests are implemented (hipot, ground bond, insulation resistance, and leakage current), with special emphasis on the stringent test requirements of electronic medical products. Also included are guidelines for operator safety and training as well as information to help in choosing the right tester and features to meet one's particular test application. The guide also provides a glossary of related terms, an extensive list of application notes available on the company's web site, a list of nationally recognized test labs, and test parameters from a number of commonly used standards, such as UL, CSA, and EN.

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