Rocker Switch
November 2002
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The new CR Series power rocker switch with 20-A switching capability uses heavy-duty silver alloy contacts to perform high-current switching in a 1 1/8-in (L) x 1/2-in (W) x 1-in (H) package. Typical applications include appliances, office equipment, and lighting control. The CR series is available in a wide variety of colors in both lighted and non-lighted designs. Typical lighted designs employ neon bulbs for use at 125 V a.c. or 250 V a.c. Lighted versions for d.c. operation are also available. Within the non-lighted family, options include single-throw and double-throw devices, and a two-color molded button with bright red secondary color for optimal visibility at a distance. Recommended panel cutout length is 1.12 in (28.4 mm), and the series can accommodate three different panel cutout widths: 0.476 in (12.09 mm), 0.528 in (13.41 mm), and 0.543 in (13.79 mm). The maximum operating temperature is 85°C (185°F), and standard termination is accomplished with quarter-inch (0.248 in x 0.031 in) quick-connect tabs.

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