Robotized Bending Cell
November 2002
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The new ROBOformER® is said to be the world's only robotic bending cell with advanced, intuitive software to orchestrate the movements of robotic loading, intricate bending actions, and unloading. The software reportedly provides instant, real-time management of the robot simply and immediately. With one cell, one controller, and one programmer, the ROBOformER is said to be the solution for low-gauge sheet metal bending challenges, taking production from drawing to finished product in about an hour, without stopping the machine. The software uses a solid modeler and a specially designed user interface that allows solid drawings to be imported/exported, manages an advanced tool file that can suggest press set-up solutions, determines the optimum bending sequence, and anticipates potential interference. In addition, it also is said to automatically generate optimized robot trajectories, optimized and synchronized press-brake movements, and workpiece loading/unloading. The six-axis robot can handle a maximum load of 176 lb (80 kg), and the pressbrake features sheet metal bend length 122/166 in (3,100/4,100 mm), and bending force of 117/151 tons (1050/1350 kN) with a maximum bending speed of 47 ipm (20 mm/s).

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