UV Cure Wand System
November 2002
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Loctite® ZETA® 7730, a new high-performance UV cure wand system, is designed for spot curing applications. Offering up to 4 W/cm2 of UV light at 320-410 nm, the system is said to deliver fast cure cycles and tack-free surfaces when used for light cure adhesives. It utilizes an autoranging 60-265 V a.c., 50-60 Hz solid state power supply, a 50-W metal halide lamp, and a liquid light guide (light guides sold separately). Typical cure area is 0.5 in (12.7-mm) diam. The exposure cycle begins once the system's foot switch is actuated. Exposure time is controlled by either a programmable timed mode—0-99.9 sec—or a manual mode, where the shutter remains open as long as the foot switch is depressed.

Henkel Loctite Corporation

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