Microprocessor-Controlled A.C. Hipot Tester
November 2002
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The company added enhanced remote control to its microprocessor-controlled a.c. hipot tester, model 2510. Enhanced remote control was designed to allow integration into a fully automated testing environment. The enhanced remote control utilizes remote inputs to allow a user to send signals for test and reset, enabling the test cycle to be run remotely. Pass, fail, and processing signal outputs can also be monitored remotely by the user. Additional safety precautions have been added, including a remote safety interlock function. This function, designed to enhance operator safety, can be connected to a test guard station, which must be closed in order to allow a test to start. This will disable the test cycle, including the high voltage output unless a safe condition is detected. The 2510 provides test voltages up to 5,000 V a.c. and adjustable trip currents up to 10 mA.

Slaughter Company

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