Washer Pull Plug
November 2002
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The company offers a two-piece washer pull plug that can reportedly be installed to a part in just two steps. The first step is to slip the pull plug piece into the bore. The ring located at the base of the plug will center and secure the piece. Once the ring connects to the inside of the bore, the plug base completely seals off the one edge of the part. The second step is to seal the other edge, slide the washer, lipped end first, over the pull plug handle. The handle and washer are then pulled away from each other until the washer glides over the barb and the lip squeezes its way into the opposite bore. The chamber on the lip reportedly eases installation to the part. The barb holds the two masks tightly in place to prevent blow offs. Both sides of the part are then reportedly fully protected. Removing the mask is said to be just as fast and as simple as installing it. The washer and large plug handle are reportedly easily pulled away from each other, and the handle's hollow cavity reportedly allows for quick and easy removal. The handle flexes and shrinks as the washer is pulled off.

Shercon, Inc.

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