Polystyrene Resins
November 2002
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STYRON™ A-TECH™ advanced polystyrene resins, the next-generation line of the company's polystyrene products, reportedly offer a balance of toughness, gloss, stiffness, or flow in combinations that are said to improve end-use performance, while helping customers reduce overall costs. A complete line of STYRON A-TECH advanced polystyrene resins are offered for large and small appliance applications.

One product is the STYRON A-TECH 1170 resin series, a family of high-impact, environmental-stress, crack-resistant (ESCR) resins for refrigerator liners and other deep draw extrusion thermoforming applications. The resin series includes STYRON A-TECH 1175 polystyrene in Europe; STYRON A-TECH 1170 polystyrene in North America and Latin America; and STYRON A-TECH 1173 polystyrene in Asia Pacific. The resins are designed to improve extruder output and thermoforming speeds for greater productivity and cost performance. They are also said to distribute more uniformly throughout the part to allow for downgauging, while still providing toughness and ESCR to foodstuffs and blowing agents to maintain the integrity of the part.

The company also offers additional STYRON A-TECH resin products with unique combinations of toughness and gloss for great design flexibility in shape, color, and finishes in appliance applications.

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