Polyurethane Reaction Molding Machine
November 2002
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The RIM-Star ECO II polyurethane mixing and metering machines are available as pump-design in the following versions-Standard S machine (measurement), M-machine (measurement and process-data acquisition), and C-machine (measurement, recording, and closed-loop control). The machine is reportedly cost-effective and compact, provides excellent production and processing reliability, features daytank technology, is easy to maintain and service, is space-saving and easy to move around, and incorporates the plug-and-play principle. The machine, complete with daytanks, is mounted on a frame and can be moved to the production site by forklift truck. Once the mixing head has been assembled, the machine is ready to start production. The RlM-Star ECO II range operates on the environmentally friendly high-pressure principle. The price/performance ratio reportedly renders these machines particularly interesting for those application areas covered by low-pressure machines. The design of the RlM-Star ECO II is based on structural modules, which have reportedly proven their reliability over long periods within the company's machinery program.

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