Reactive Hot-Melt Adhesive System
November 2002
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The company's new Scotch Mini-Weld adhesives are packaged in 2-oz, plastic cartridges and come with a new dispensing system. The complete system is said to make the adhesives easy to handle and suitable for use in applications where load-bearing strength with the speed of a hot-melt bonding system is desired in a portable size. Available in three formulations, Scotch Mini-Weld adhesives feature quick heat-up times, low temperature application (190°F-220°F) and a long and efficient heat life. The adhesives also combine many of the features of the company's Jet-Weld adhesives (polyurethane reactive hot melts) and contain no solvents. A starter kit includes a Mini-Weld adhesive heater, carrying case, applicator, and three adhesives.


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