Magnesium Injection Molding
November 2002
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The company's magnesium injection molding (MAG) services are said to produce components with attributes that include superb quality, high repeatability, dimensional precision, and design flexibility. The magnesium injection molding process is reportedly similar to plastic injection molding, with mechanical properties equivalent to or better than die-cast components. Combined with the knowledge, expertise, and ability of the company to mold plastic and magnesium, is the capability to mold powder metal. Metal injection molding (MIM) has reportedly become one of the best processes available to produce complex metal parts characterized by superior surface finishes, excellent corrosion resistance, a reduced need for secondary operations, and material properties comparable to wrought. The company's magnesium molding capabilities include conventional single shot, overmolding with plastic, and insert molding.

Phillips Origen‚, Phillips Plastics Corporation

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