Engineered Materials
November 2002
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The company's engineered materials include multi-component blends of ionomers, urethanes, and nylons to produce materials that meet specific performance requirements, regardless of the base resin. Among the products offered are Formion® formulated ionomers, which are said to be a class of polyolefins that offer toughness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and weatherability. Available in reinforced and nonreinforced grades, the compounds reportedly offer a full range of stiffness and gloss properties and, in certain applications, are able to displace the need for painting. Polyfabs® ABS compounds offer a broad range of products that will reportedly meet or exceed a wide spectrum of specifications. Polyfabs is available in general-purpose molding, high-impact, glass-reinforced, high-heat, alloyed with either polycarbonate or ASA, and extrusion. The material can be purchased either in natural or pre-colored formulations. Other materials offered include Polyflam® flame-retardant thermoplastic compounds and concentrates; Polypur® thermoplastic polyurethane compounds; Schuladur™ filled and unfilled thermoplastic polyester compounds; Schulamid® filled and unfilled nylon compounds; Lybrilon® lubricated, lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials; Polystat®/Comshield® EMI/RFI anti-static materials; Tempalloy® high-temperature materials; Thermex® heat-dissipation materials; Aqualoy® hydrolytically stable materials; Comtuf® impact-resistant materials; and Hiloy® high-strength materials.

A. Schulman

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