High-Performance Polymer
November 2002
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PEEK-HT™, a high-performance polymer, is suitable for applications requiring superior high-temperature resistance, such as heat exchanger parts and industrial valve linings. With a glass transition temperature of 315°F (157°C) and a melting temperature of 703°F (373°C), the semi-crystalline, unreinforced polymer reportedly offers all the key characteristics of standard PEEK™ polymer, including toughness, strength, and chemical resistance. PEEK-HT polymer's high-temperature performance, however, is said to surpass that of standard PEEK™ polymer. It reportedly has the ability to retain mechanical and physical properties to temperatures more than 50°F (10°C) higher than the standard PEEK™ polymer, and it reportedly has up to three times the wear resistance at high temperatures. Additional benefits include long-term creep and fatigue resistance over a wide temperature range. The polymer also has a substantially higher tensile strength and flexural modulus at 482°F (250°C) versus the standard PEEK™ polymer, according to the supplier.

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