Reaction Injection Molding
November 2002
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The new OmegaRim RX and RimCell RX reaction injection molding (RIM) lines are said to feature significant improvements, including the addition of Rexroth A2VK positive displacement axial piston metering pumps for volume and ratio accuracy; open construction and straight tubing runs for faster, easier maintenance with minimum downtime; and accurate digital flow readout that reportedly eliminates the mess and inconvenience of wet calibration.

The RimCell RX line is said to offer a mechanism that allows the motor to slide away from the pump, with a mounting bracket that doubles as a seal-changing workbench—reportedly an industry first. The mechanism is said to streamline maintenance by making pump unbolting and extensive chemical tube disassembly unnecessary and saves hours of production downtime each time the pump seal needs to be replaced.

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