November 2002
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Bayfol® CR polycarbonate (PC)/polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polyester film provides a gloss/micro-matte finish for membrane switch applications—such as kitchen appliance control panels with see-through windows—that reportedly allows easier embossing and improved ink adhesion. The Bayfol CR film is said to be the first material in the membrane switch market to compete with PET films for use in see-through window applications found on microwaves, ranges, washers, and medical IV monitoring equipment. The Bayfol material is reportedly able to overcome problems that have affected PET-only membrane switch overlays, such as faceplate cracking.

To develop the new Bayfol CR film, the company utilized Makrofol® PC film technology to create a PC/PET blend that is said to feature the dimensional stability of polycarbonate resin and the excellent chemical resistance of PET film. Bayfol CR film is available in gauges of 0.005 or 0.007 in (0.127 or 0.178 mm) and in rolls of up to 36.5 in (927 mm) in width.

Bayer Corporation, Plastics Division

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