Horizontal Injection Press
November 2002
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The H48 200-ton horizontal injection machine features the company’s enhanced G8 controls, an increased 34-oz shot capacity, and 450 mm x 450 mm (17.71 in x 17.71 in) platen size to accommodate larger parts. A completely redesigned frame, injection unit, and footprint reportedly enables molders to install dual brushing systems, automatic part ejectors, gripper systems, and even multiple part removal conveyors under the machine. The onboard PC and control panel are positioned closer to the mold for improved ergonomics. The G8 control reportedly combines a faster CPU and more efficient control loops to reduce cycle times up to 25 percent over competitive presses. Users can utilize the PC’s ability to store multiple parts programs or download them on a LAN. Operators can see any machine parameter’s set and actual values, in plain language (English or others) and real time. The press can be fitted with mechanical or up to three hydraulic ejectors to increase automation and lights-out operation of the unit.

REP Corporation

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