Crimp and Insulation Displacement Connectors
November 2002
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Tyco Electronics Corporation recently completed a new catalog that combines content on traditional crimp-style wire-to-board connectors with insulation displacement connectors (IDC). Products included in the catalog are MTA-100 connectors, CST100 II, MTA-156, and SL-156. MTA products employ IDC, while the CST-100 II and SL-156 are crimped contacts. IDC-style connectors do not require wire stripping or crimping. Rather, the wire is inserted into the connector housing and the slotted contact displaces the insulation to complete the electrical connection. Additionally, MTA connectors can accommodate point-to-point wiring or daisy chain arrangements with discrete wire or ribbon cable. CST-100 II and SL156 connectors are suitable for discrete wire only.

Tyco Electronics Corporation

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