Pulsed Laser Processing Systems
October 2002
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The company has introduced a new generation of its JK700TR series of pulsed Nd:YAG laser systems. Spanning a range of power levels, the new JK700TR series lasers are said to provide the brightest, highest quality beams with the latest technology for high performance. The JK700TR series lasers are used in a variety of applications for welding, drilling, and cutting.

The lasers include the company's patented TR technology, which uses a twin-rod oscillator design to increase efficiency and decrease heat input into the laser rods. It reportedly provides the highest beam quality for faster processing, longer working distances, and smaller spot sizes, all of which translate into tangible end-user benefits. In addition, the new systems include a patented power supply, which reportedly enables higher peak powers - up to 10 kW - and which enable pulse shaping, a technique which allows a user to optimize the laser pulses' peak power, shape, and duration to suit process needs, increasing yields and reducing cost.

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