Plasma Cutting System
October 2002
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The new Powermax1000® G3 Series™ portable hand plasma cutting system is the second high-performance product in the company's third generation (G3 Series) of plasma systems, reportedly cutting faster and more economically than any system available. The power supply incorporates G3 advanced technologies, such as Auto-voltage™ input sensing, which allows the operator to run on voltages from 200-600 V, 1- or 3-phase, and CE models 230-400 V, 3-phase without the need for any manual linking.

Also improving the Powermax1000's power supply is a Boost Conditioner™ circuit that compensates for any voltage variation. Its digitally controlled inverter delivers continuously adjustable, constant-current output from 20-60 A. This third-generation design is said to permit high-quality cuts over a wide range of metal thicknesses. Intelligent torch design - incorporating five separate patented technologies - has resulted in a plasma cutting system that cuts faster, lasts longer, and feels better to operate, according to the supplier. The plasma cutting system is engineered to excel under harsh environmental conditions. A variety of options respond to the specialized needs of different applications.

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