Test Equipment
October 2002
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A new range of test equipment, designed specifically for manufacturers, delivers high-speed testing with a connect-and-test philosophy. The 6815 impulse winding tester, 6885 transformer tester, and 6890 automatic transformer tester are said to be cost effective and provide high-speed test and straightforward operation.

The 6885 and 6890 provide a basic accuracy of 0.5 percent and frequencies up to 500 kHz, offering the basic measurement capability for production testing of transformers. In addition, the 6885 has a high voltage capability, allowing Hipot and surge testing. The 6815 is said to offer a completely new concept for testing wound components. By providing a high voltage impulse, typically 5 kV, and analyzing the decaying waveform, manufacturing defects, such as change in material or shorted or damaged windings, can be accurately identified without destroying the component.

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