Spot/Wand Light
October 2002
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Fitted with a rod lens assembly, the high intensity BlueWaveâ„¢ 200 W UV spot/wand light reportedly provides uniform illumination for curing adhesives and coatings from 0.75 x 0.75 sq in (484 x 484 sq mm) up to 5 x 5 sq in (3,225 x 3,225 sq mm). Uniform curing of adhesives in highly sensitive applications is said to eliminate or minimize movement of critically aligned parts due to uneven intensity. With initial intensity output of 20 W/cm2 of UVA (320-390 nm), 15 W/cm2 visible (395-445 nm), and 4.5 W/cm2 UVB (280-320 nm), the BlueWave 200 is said to have sufficient intensity to cure adhesives and coatings through rod lens assemblies. The uniform squares of light range in intensity, depending on the distance between the end of the lens and the surface of the coating.

Two size rod lenses are available for cures of different sized areas. Rod lens #38699 cures adhesive or coating areas from 3/4-in2 at 1,500 mW/cm2 to 2-in2 at 115 mW/cm2. Rod lens #38698 cures adhesive or coating areas from 2-in2 at 125 mW/cm2 to 5-in2 at 32 mW/cm2. Using a single-pole light guide with no rod lens attachment, efficient curing can reportedly be accomplished from 1-2 in away. However, these circles of light do not provide uniform cures. Fitted with the rod lenses, the light is dispersed in a uniform square pattern.

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