Cart Lift System
October 2002
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The company's Cart Lift System, a new enhancement to the FlexiMateā„¢ transport line, eliminates handling of carts in high-volume production assembly cells. The lift elevator is said to easily integrate into existing or originally designed FlexiMate manufacturing cells. Configured to increase productivity and improve ergonomics, the lift elevator automatically keeps carts moving through the assembly process. Activated by a proximity switch, a rodless pneumatic cylinder raises and lowers carts to or from the return track at the beginning and end of an assembly cell. The lift system operates on an 80 psi air supply and 120 V a.c. Designed for safety, the cart lift system is encapsulated, eliminating possible contact with moving parts. If, however, accidental contact is made during operation, a pressure differential switch "freezes" the action. In addition, a conveniently located emergency button immediately stops the system in position.

Ground fault indicator lights and pneumatic/electric lockouts further ensure safety. Electrical wiring meets NFPA machine building specifications and various UL/CSA listed and/or European Compliant (CE). Elevator pairs arrive fully assembled and ready for hook up.

Worksmart Systems, Inc.

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