Locking Connectors
October 2002
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A new series of Quick Disconnect Push-Pull Precision Locking Connectors include two categories. One category conforms to the Ingress Protection Rating Standards with a specification rating of IP50, while the other conforms to the IP68 watertight rating. There are three sizes in each group with a pole count availability ranging from 2-27. The push/pull characteristic is said to make quick connect and disconnect a standard benefit, providing for ease of installation and assembly through a front-mounting receptacle.

The connectors are lightweight, nonmagnetic, and non-conductive and have a secure locking mechanism, which reportedly ensures the integrity of the connection. Another benefit is that they are autoclavable with optional inserts, making them a good fit for environments where being clean and sterile is a priority. The connectors are suitable for medical instrumentation, consumer electronics, and audio/visual applications.

Lumberg, Inc.

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