Cure Wand System
October 2002
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The high-performance Loctite® ZETA® 7740 UV Cure Wand System is designed for enhanced surface cure in spot curing applications. Offering high-energy output of up to 10 W/cm2 and very stable light output, the wand system delivers fast cure cycles, particularly when tack-free surfaces are required, according to the supplier. The ZETA 7740 utilizes a high-pressure mercury arc lamp with a universal power supply and a liquid-filled light wand. The amount of time required to complete the curing process depends primarily on the offset distance from the end of the wand to the surface of the adhesive and on the type of adhesive being used. Exposure time can be controlled using either a manual mode, where the shutter remains open as long as the foot switch is depressed, or a timed mode, where a momentary actuation of the foot switch starts an exposure cycle. The duration of exposure is based on the timer setting, and ranges from 0-99.9 sec. The wand system is capable of interfacing with a PLC-controlled circuit. The Zeta 7740 reportedly offers extended UV lamp life, with an expected life of 2,000 hr with proper handling and maintenance. An hour meter is incorporated into the system's design to monitor accumulated lamp life.

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