Deburring System
October 2002
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Designed for precision deburring and finishing of metal parts, the Model XLR-22 automated, continuous thru-feed finishing machine has a long-radius channel that is 22-ft (6.7-m) long and 8-1/2 in (216-mm) wide. The channel reportedly assures constant media mass depth and media action, which are said to be key to strategic processing. Time cycles from 4 to 8 min with variable amplitude, and vibrations per min are said to offer process flexibility.

The long-radius technology, according to the company, permits once-around-and-out continuous processing, which is especially desirable in work cells. The new technology reportedly also offers an additional benefit - the parts tend to stay submerged in the media for a longer time cycle than traditional methods allow. With parts automatically loaded into the machine at specific metered intervals, the XLR-22 is suitable for in-line applications. Parts can be brought to the unit via conveyor and automatically loaded into the machine.


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