Splendide Combination Washer/Dryers For The North American Market
October 2002
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Splendide Laundry Centers come in three models - one vented, two non-vented - that are made to fit where full-size washers and dryers won't.

Using horizontal-axis technology, the Splendide appliances are designed to use less energy, water, and detergent, and the are said to clean laundry noticeably better than some vertical-axis washers.

Energy-saving features make these combination appliances resource-efficient. The Comb-o-matic 6100 is even eligible for utility rebates and tax incentives in some states.

All models are engineered with an infinite-speed d.c. motor. A unique Automatic Balance System (ABS) includes two shock absorbers and four heavy springs, which work together to provide minimum vibration.

If an out-of-balance load is detected the motor will adjust its speed automatically - even come to a complete stop - to reposition the load automatically.

The exclusive Impulse Spin Technology (IST) processor varies the pulse at low spin speeds for less wrinkling, less wear on clothing, less noise, less vibration, and better rinse efficiency.

The interior drum is constructed from stainless steel, designed to never snag delicate fabrics. Thousands of water extraction holes in the drum provide better spin results The 10-5/8-inch door opening is said to be the largest "maxi" door opening available today.

The drum contains three 50 mm-high raised and perforated projections, designed to pick up detergent in the water and drop in back onto fabrics. Splendide explains that this Cascade washing effect oxygenates the water with every spin, providing superior wash results.

Acting in tandem with the Cascade system is a wedge-shaped porthole glass door - an innovative shape designed to direct clothes in a back-and-forth motion as well as from side-to-side. This Crisscross washing effect is said to be similar to the energetic motion of hand washing.

Comb-O-Matic 6100 Energymizer

The Comb-O-Matic 6100 Energymizer model is one of Splendide's self-condensing (non-vented) models. This model carries the Energy Star label from the U.S. Department of Energy, recognizing its high level of energy efficiency.

Controls are designed to be easily understood while offering a variety of user options. The Comb-O-Matic 6100 Energymizer allows the user to choose from:

  • 3 customized wash cycles
  • 3 water temperature selections

    This unit also offers a Water Saver option. Control options include a Medium/High spin selector, allowing the user to choose spin speeds of 800 or 1,000 RPM (revolutions per minute).

    For drying, the user can also choose from two dryer temperature settings. The unit pre-heats for automatic drying. It offers drying times of up to 120 minutes, and all dry times include a 12-minute cool-down feature.

    Wash cycle times vary by cycle:
  • prewash - 70 min
  • regular - 60 min
  • permanent press - 40 min
  • delicates - 22 min
  • knits/wool - 16 min

    When the Delicates and Knits/Wool programs are selected the unit has a 500 RPM spin cycle. The Permanent Press program offers a selection of 500 or 800 RPM spin cycle. A Regular wash program offers a spin cycle choice of 500, 800, or 1,000 RPMs.

    Splendide has been selling combination washer/dryers in the U.S. since 1984. The appliances are manufactured in Italy but they have U.S. and Canadian safety certification. Wash cycles are designed to fit the needs of North American consumers.

    Splendide Division

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