Candy's Activa Smart Washing Machine
October 2002
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Candy designed its Activa Smart washing machine, marketed in Europe, to meld the advantages of its exclusive Activa Washing System with the efficiency and simplicity of Fuzzy Logic. The result is said to be true electronic intelligence that is an ideal solution for users who want innovation and simplicity.

The unit features Candy's Universal Wash Programme, designed to be an ideal solution for active families. The cycle allows the user to wash any color-fast fabrics together in the same wash load and offers a 4, 6, or 8 hours to run.

The Universal Programme is configured for a deep, gentle wash cycle that is designed to save the user 10 percent in on electricity when compared to a more typical wash program, even when the 8-hour wash option is selected (compared to standard 60° cotton cycle).

The Activa Smart Model 13 is designed to do the thinking for the user, who simply loads the machine. The Activa Smart technology firsts tests the wash load, sensing the amount of soil and determining a correct wash time. The unit will also ascertain the best sort of wash cycle and will dispense an optimal amount of water for the wash load.

The washer can even detect when excess detergent has been added to the wash cycle and will add water to accommodate it.

The Activa Smart illuminated controls are designed to provide the user with all wash cycle information in one display. the user can tell at a glance if the unit is washing, spinning, or rinsing. the display also includes a countdown to the end of the cycle. The selected option buttons remain highlighted so the user knows precisely what the washer is doing.

Other features include a delay start that can be as long as 15 hours.

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