Gillette's Next Generation Oral-B CrossAction Power Toothbrushes
October 2002
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On October 1, 2002, The Gillette Company introduced a new battery-powered toothbrush said to improve upon the superior performance of Oral-B® CrossAction®, its most technologically advanced manual toothbrush. Oral-B® CrossAction® Power is a battery-powered toothbrush bringing the patented CrissCross® bristle technology of CrossAction to the power toothbrush segment.

Gillette is a global leader in the U.S. $5 billion manual and power oral care market. CrossAction Power is Gillette's first product introduction in the entry-level battery toothbrush segment, the fastest growing sector in the physical oral care market.

"Our new CrossAction provides us with the opportunity to trade manual users up to the battery segment, and is the ideal entry vehicle to our premium rechargeable toothbrushes," said Bruce Cleverly, President, Gillette Oral Care.

CrossAction Power is the only power toothbrush to combine the CrissCross bristle technology of CrossAction, Oral-B's top-selling manual toothbrush, with the advanced cleaning motion and performance of an Oral-B rotating PowerHead™. Gillette says this makes it the most technologically advanced battery toothbrush available for under $10.

The CrissCross bristles are designed to reach deep between teeth and along the gum line to lift and sweep away plaque, while the rotating PowerHead effectively surrounds teeth to loosen and whisk away plaque from surfaces and hard-to-reach back teeth. Gillette says extensive clinical testing confirms that the CrossAction Power significantly reduces plaque and gingivitis.

The unit is also designed with an ultra-thin, manual-like handle with a soft, rubberized grip. This distinctive handle was designed to provide greater comfort and control.

Gillette says that, in consumer use tests, nearly 80 percent of manual toothbrush users stated that CrossAction Power is better than their current manual toothbrush. Additionally, when compared to Crest® Spinbrush™, the leading battery brush selling for less than $10, Gillette says consumers preferred CrossAction Power by a two-to-one margin.

Like a manual toothbrush, CrossAction Power offers a choice of soft or medium bristles. The unit also features Oral-B's signature blue Indicator® bristles that fade to signal when to replace the brushhead. A One-Touch™ lock and release button makes changing the brushhead simple.

The unit's high-efficiency motor requires only one AA-size alkaline battery for more than two months of use when brushing teeth two times per day for two minutes. The units' handles are available in four colors - emerald, magenta, violet and blue - providing color options in households where two or more brushes are used.

CrossAction Power will be targeted to current manual and competitive battery toothbrush users, 18 to 35. The brushes will be available at food, drug, and mass outlets in North America in April 2003 and in other markets around the world during the following 18 months. The suggested retail price in the U.S. is $6.99. The suggested retail price for a two-pack of replacement brushheads is $6.99.

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