LG Internet Refrigerator Available Nationwide In The U.S.
October 2002
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LG Electronics debuted the Internet Refrigerator in the United States. The LG Internet Refrigerator is the first of its kind to go on sale to consumer in the U.S.. It is designed to connect this hub of the household to a vast matrix of information and entertainment available through advanced multimedia-computer technology. The unit is designed to be more than simply a computer mounted onto a refrigerator door, but is intended to act as a residential gateway to the home.

The 26-cubic-foot refrigerator features a high-quality, 15.1-inch TFT-LCD display and its own LAN port to enable high speed Internet surfing and shopping. The interface is designed for ease of use, including a touchscreen display. Users can access the Internet, check email, download digital music, or even watch TV, all at the press of a finger. The refrigerator comes standard with a remote control for easy operation of its computer/television functions from any location in the kitchen.

"LG has been refining the concept of ‘smart’ appliances for many years now, and we feel that the current climate is perfect for the LG Internet Refrigerator to make its retail debut in the United States," said Simon Kang, president of LG Electronics, U.S.A., Inc. "Until recently the kitchen and home computer were kept in separate rooms in most households. While the Internet Refrigerator is not meant to take the place of the home computer, it does bring multimedia technology and Internet connectivity into the kitchen - the center of home and family activity."

Other advanced features include the ability to:
• leave video messages for family members
• monitor grocery inventory without opening the door
• keep track of important dates & appointments
• store nutritional information
• shoot and email digital pictures to family members in an instant.

The refrigerator features LG’s patented Titanium Finish™, a special surface that resists fingerprints while giving it a metallic, stainless steel look.

The LG Multimedia Refrigerator manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $7,999. It is available at retailers across the U.S.

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