Braun Style Steam Irons
October 2002
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The new Style line of Braun steam irons includes the EasyStyle, FreeStyle, and ProStyle steam irons.

All three models feature an award-winning, streamlined design. they all have an open, soft-grip handle for comfort, 1500 watts of power and scratch resistant soleplates.

The Braun FreeStyle SI6245 has a unique pre-conditioning steam feature that directs steam through specially designed channels on the soleplate to pre-treat fabric and make ironing easier. A “power burst” feature aims an intense blast of steam at stubborn wrinkles. This model also includes variable steam control for different fabrics, an anti-calcification system that protects fabric and prolongs the life of the iron, and a three-way automatic shut-off for safety.

The high-end Braun ProStyle SI6285 Steam Iron has an exclusive textile protector that clips onto the soleplate and absorbs heat while ensuring maximum steam reaches the fabric. This feature ensures easy ironing of delicate fabrics and guards against scorched silks and shiny patches on dark garments.

The Braun Style line of steam irons will be offered in the U.S. market starting in October of 2002.

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