GE Multi-Line Telephones From Atlinks
October 2002
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ATLINKS developed a new series of multi-line telephones aimed at the millions of professionals who telecommute or work in small office environments.

ATLINKS is a communications joint venture of Thomson and Alcatel and is a market leader in home telephone products in the United States with GE-brand telephones.

The three new models are offered with the GE brand. they include convenience features such as conference call capabilities and an auxiliary jack to connect a fax, modem, or
answering machine.

"According to the International Telework Association and Council, more than one out of 10 Americans is telecommuting at least one day a week. There is a demand for high performance communications products that enable at-home workers to perform the same tasks they would while at the office," said Eldon Chuck, ATLINKS' vice president of marketing. "These three new GE models provide the solution to many of the communications challenges faced by this emerging new segment of the workforce."

All models became available at the time of the launch of the new series in September 2002.

Four-Line Models

Two new four-line models are designed to meet the demands of the increasingly popular multi-line home or small office. The 29488GE2 Four-Line Speakerphone, with intercom and call waiting caller ID, supports up to four separate phone lines, each with a distinctive ring, and is expandable to up to 16 separate stations. The caller ID display shows the name and/or number of the person calling and caller ID memory saves information for up to 99 calls. Full-performance speakerphone capability enables the user to dial out of the 106-number memory or keypad without picking up the handset.

This model includes an auxiliary jack, which can be set to default to line one or line two, for connecting a fax, modem or answering device. It also includes functions such as:

  • one-touch redial
  • intercom
  • hold
  • "do not disturb"

    The suggested retail price of the 29488GE2 is U.S. $149.99.

    The model 29487GE2 includes the same package of features as the model 29488GE2 with the exception of Caller ID capability. It has a suggested retail price of $119.99.

    Three-Line Models

    The 29485GE2 Three-Line Speakerphone with LCD and 16-Number Instant-Access Memory is designed to be ideal for a home office.

    The LCD shows:
  • date
  • time
  • number dialed
  • memory verification
  • memo

    The instant access memory keeps track of frequently called numbers, easily storing them. It also includes call conferencing, two-tone ringers, and a headset jack for enhanced convenience. It has a suggested retail price of the 29485GE2 is $89.99.

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