Frigidaire Company Stainless Steel Dishwashers for U.S. Market
October 2002
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Frigidaire Company's Model PLDB998AC dishwasher is a 24-in appliance with a stainless steel and black exterior accented by an UltraSoft Stainless Steel Handle.

The Model PLDB998AC uses 100-percent filtered water - wash water is filtered to remove food particles as small as coffee grounds, which helps eliminate the need for pre-rinsing dishes.

This dishwasher also offers an NSF-Certified sanitize rinse option. This rinse raises rinse temperatures to meet U.S. National Sanitation Foundation standards. The rinse allows the user to reduce bacteria by 99.999 percent on dishes, baby bottles, cutting boards, etc.

The dishwasher is controlled with 12 Easy Clean electronic touchpads and a digital display. The controls allow the user to select from a variety of wash cycles, including:

  • an energy-saving 1/2 load wash option
  • Hi-Temp Wash
  • variable (1-9 hr) delay start

    The dishwasher is equipped with:
  • a stainless steel food disposer
  • 5-level precision wash system
  • nylon-coated Maximum Racks with 5-year limited warranty
  • power dry fan system
  • premium silverware basket and utility basket
  • Smart Soil sensor, which monitors the level of food soil in the water and adjusts the wash cycle as needed for optimum cleaning
  • cup shelf / stemware holder

    The dishwasher is designed with the UltraQuietPlus Sound Package. the unit has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of U.S. $599.

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