Ultrasonic Analog Sensors
October 2002
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The SUPERPROX® Model SM606 Series of analog sensors from Hyde Park Electronics, Inc. is said to incorporate the world's leading ultrasonic technology and reportedly offers reliable measurement and control of materials with fixed span limits within sensing ranges up to 254 mm (10 in). These sensors continuously monitor the distance to an object and generate either a directly proportional or inversely proportional 0-10 V output. The sensors detect objects of all colors and materials as small as 1.59-mm (0.0625-in) diam, transparent or opaque, liquid or solid. The narrow 7-degree sonic beam reportedly allows the sensor to accurately detect levels in containers with openings as small as 9.52 mm (0.375 in). Higher gain models can detect very thin materials like thread and wire.

Broad functionality enables the 15-24 V d.c. sensors to be either field programmable or fixed field from the factory. A field programmable sensor used in conjunction with the company's new configuration package that includes SUPERPROX+™ configuration software and configuration interface, Model AC441, allows the user window setting capability. The user can program and reprogram these sensors in the field, on-the-fly, until the program is precisely configured for the application. And if fully tamper-proof sensors are needed, the fixed field units are available from the factory.

The 18-mm (0.7-in) barrel housing sensor is available in either ULTEM® plastic (standard) or SS303 stainless steel. The flat-profile housing measuring 74 x 16 x 30 mm (2.91 x 0.625 x 1.188 in) is available in ULTEM plastic only. The 500-kHz sensors are sealed to withstand dusty, dirty, clean-in-place, 100-percent humidity, high-pressure, washdown environments. With protection ratings of NEMA 4X and IP67, the sensors are said to resist most acids and bases, including most food products. The transducer face is made of silicone rubber. The analog sensors are CE certified and most models include temperature compensation.

For sensing applications requiring connection to a DeviceNet™ network, the flat-profile models in this series are available with this capability as an optional selection.

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