Monolithic D.C./D.C. Switcher IC
October 2002
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Power Integrations, Inc. introduced a revolutionary new IC that is said to dramatically simplify d.c./d.c. power conversion design. The DPA-Switch is reportedly the first highly integrated high-voltage power conversion IC designed specifically for use in d.c./d.c. converters and distributed power architectures (DPAs). The chip reportedly eliminates up to 50 external components from the design of a typical discrete d.c./d.c. converter, resulting in a shorter design cycle, smaller board size, lower system cost, and higher reliability. The four-device family covers a wide input voltage range of 16-75 V, targeting 24-V/48-V applications. It is capable of delivering continuous output power of up to 110 W.

The switch is said to be the industry's first monolithic d.c./d.c. integrated circuit that cost effectively combines a 200-V power MOSFET, PWM controller, and fault protection circuitry onto a single CMOS chip. The internal power MOSFET is said to feature industry-leading switching speeds.

Using three user configurable pins, the DPA-Switch can be configured to allow the following functions: line sensing (input under-voltage detection/overvoltage shutdown and variable maximum duty cycle), accurate externally set current limit, remote on-off, synchronization to an external lower frequency, and a user-selectable 300 kHz or 400 kHz switching frequency.

Additional built-in features include internal soft-start, cycle skipping at light load for high standby efficiency, integrated short circuit/open loop protection, and internal hysteretic thermal shutdown for automatic fault recovery.

Applications for the switch include networking and telecommunication line cards (central office equipment including xDSL, ISDN, PABX, etc.), "brick" d.c./d.c. converter modules, digital feature and VoIP phones, PC servers, and industrial controls.

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