Open Socket Terminators
June 2001
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The dataMate business unit of Methode Electronics Inc. offers a new line of terminators for high-performance computers using multiple Intel Coppermine processors. The terminators fit in any unused processor sockets, terminating the high-speed buses of these systems to maintain proper operation.

The Coppermine Intel processors are manufactured from an 0.18Āµ process, which reportedly allows higher clock speeds, First in the Coppermine series is a 733 MHz PentiumĀ®III/799 with 265K of on-chip cache operating at full clock speed. New chip sets are being designed for these processors, to maximize performance at fast clock speeds as well as to allow the use of multiple processors in high-performance systems.

In multi-processor systems, any unused sockets must be populated with a special terminator. The terminator ensures that each data line or clock line sees the correct impedance, thereby minimizing reflections and other potential signal problems, which reportedly can develop in high-speed systems. The company is reportedly the first manufacturer to bring a Coppermine terminator to market.

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