Analog-to-Digital Converters
June 2001
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Analog Devices, Inc. released the first two members of a new family of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that are said to deliver the fastest sampling and unsurpassed resolution at a lower cost to enable new classes of communication design. With their high speed (500 k+SPS for the AD7664), low cost, and low power consumption, the AD7660 and AD7664 converters reportedly provide engineers with a competitive advantage for fiber optic, high-speed data acquisition, medical, high-end scanning, battery power equipment, and motor control applications.

The AD7664 offers the fastest throughput speed of any true, 16-bit sampling ADC on the market, operating at 570 kHz, according to the company. It is said to be 70-percent quicker than its closet competitor. The AD7660 is reportedly the lowest priced, true 16-bit sampling ADC at 100 kHz. It is more accurate than any other ADC in its class, according to the manufacturer. The power consumption of the units are scalable with sampling rate to ensure lower system power consumption. In addition, they feature flexible parallel or serial interface and produce a.c. typical performance of 90 dB to allow low-level noise signal capture.

Because both models are pin-compatible, they are upgradable to future members of the family.

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