Wire Packaging
June 2001
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Marketed by Coleman Cable Systems, Inc., Baron Wire & Cable offers a new packaging system that replaces the traditional steel spool. The Baro-Pak packaging is a self-dispensing package that eliminates the need for heavy, cumbersome reels while reportedly offering superior protection, effortless payout, and efficient storage for unused wire.

The system was engineered to save both the distributor and the end-user time and money, according to the company. Baro-Pak’s small footprint and stacking ability are said to provide for easy storage and shipment and can allow the installer to pull multiple constructions at one time. The packaging is said to use up to 70-percent less space than most reels, even though it contains the same amount of wire or cable. It is shrink wrapped in an extra-thick polyethylene and field-tested for durability and strength. It reportedly protects the wire better, reducing damage and eliminating reels to bend, break, rust, or dispose.

The clear recyclable wrap is said to enable instant determination of remaining wire in the package while the gauge conductor indicators prevent misuse from inadvertently selecting the wrong wire for the application. The interior strapping doubles as a carrying handle for easy transport and less back strain. The strap can also be used to attach the coil to a rafter or stud for downward or horizontal payout.

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