Filter Sensor
July 2002
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Omron Electronics LLC's D6A filter sensor contains a microprocessor with complex algorithms that provide a temperature reference point to see if a filter fan is moving the right amount of air—an industry first, according to the supplier. If the sensor indicates it isn't moving the right amount of air, then the user knows the filter is clogged.

With its sensing capabilities, the D6A reportedly provides reliability protection, ensuring the dependability of continued operation of expensive equipment.

The temperature range of the device is 0°-45°C (32°-113°F) and its supply voltage is DC 12 V±10 percent. Its current consumption maximum is 60 mA, and the output voltage is 0-5 V. This clogged filter sensor is suitable for servers, high-end routers, and network devices. Other applications include uninterruptible power supplies, cash registers, and other types of machines that use a filter fan.

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