PDA Torque and Force Analyzer
June 2002
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Mountz, Inc., a leading torque tool supplier, offers the Wizard module, which is said to transform any Handspring™ Visor™ hand-held computer into the world's first PDA torque and force analyzer. The compact Wizard module, weighing less than 0.25 lb (0.11 kg) at 3 x 2 x 1 in (76 x 50 x 25.4 mm), snaps into any Visor to give engineers, technicians, and QA specialists high-end torque analyzing flexibility. Taking advantage of 16-bit technology, the Wizard is said to provide six times the measurement memory and three times the battery life of conventional analyzers and packs it into a pocket-sized package that supports all standard Visor PDA functions.

According to the company, with the Wizard, entering torque and force parameters is as easy as maneuvering through Visor screens with a touch of the stylus, so there's no learning curve if the user has used a PDA. The company will offer the Wizard module in packages with or without the Visor included.

With ample power for even calibration lab joint analysis, the Wizard's 16-bit digital signal processing circuit is said to sample data faster with more stability than 12- or 14-bit torque analyzers common in the industry. Additionally, the Wizard conserves power for long-lasting mobility since its batteries last a minimum of 30 hr under heavy use, compared to battery life of 8-10 hr in typical torque analyzers.

Because its memory supports up to 25 project folders of 250 readings each-reportedly six times the total of typical torque analyzers-the Wizard is suitable for storing and organizing calibration data for ISO and SPC documentation. Users can store calibration readings with a time and date stamp in project folders, with the freedom to organize and retrieve data in a variety of ways, including by tool and serial number.

The Wizard's HotSync® Conduit software reportedly simplifies data transfer from the Visor to PCs, automatically synchronizing and restoring data for added security. The USB cradle allows data to be easily moved to a PC or notebook where it may be shared with other locations via the Internet, such as between an OEM and OEM contract manufacturer, or between a field tech and the home office.

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