Screwless Terminal Socket
June 2002
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The PYF-S screwless terminal socket for Omron Electronics LLC's MY family of relays features a simple procedure that reportedly eliminates time-consuming relay wiring jobs. The only steps required are inserting a screwdriver, the wire, and then removing the screwdriver. The unique PYF-S mechanism uses no screws, and the procedure is said to take half of conventional wiring time, speeding up the process and enabling faster installation for panels with large volumes of relays.

A clip and release lever is also a unique feature of the PYF-S. By pulling down on the lever, the relay mounted on the socket pops out for one-touch dismounting. Therefore, there is less of a chance for causing damage to the relay terminals.

The PYF-S also features double wiring with two independent terminal units. Each terminal has two wiring connections, allowing a one-to-one connection of two different cables. According to the supplier, the double wiring provides convenience, allowing the user to do wiring in common. In other words, the user can take advantage of a connection that is common to two or more circuits and that serves to return currents to their source or to ground. In addition, each wiring unit has its own screwless clamp unit, enabling easy wiring.

The PYF-S is suitable for industrial controls, elevator controls, and for panel builders and system integrators.

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