Waterborne Chemical Coatings System
March 2002
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The Chemcoaters metals processing system has combined several processing services into one continuous coil line. Cleaning, brushing, and two-side vertical surface inspection are offered on the entry side, and center slitting, strand extension, and plastic wrap packaging are offered on the exit side. In the center of the line there is a section solely dedicated to the application of waterborne chemical coatings. These coatings, applied by GFG coating heads and dried in electric IR ovens, provide temporary corrosion resistance; improve lubricity, formability, adhesion, and paintability; improve conductivity on motor laminations and electrical steels; and are environmentally friendly.

Chemcoaters' ability to offer customers cost-effective waterborne chemical coatings is based on the line being designed specifically to run waterborne chemical coatings, not solvent-based paints. The line is not a full-blown paint line with accumulators, curing ovens, and all of a paint line's associated costs. Chemcoaters says it very simply and efficiently coats and dries waterborne coatings. Realizing that carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum coils must go through multiple steps before and after the coating process, the company integrated a number of processing steps into a single, custom-built line. Chemcoaters gives customers a “one-stop shop” for combinations of cleaning, brushing, inspection, coating, center slitting/strand extension, packaging, and the opportunity to realize cost reductions approaching 40 percent over conventional coating lines.

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