Pulse Generator
March 2002
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The CPG 1502 from Schaffner is a stand-alone pulse generator for calibration of CISPR 14 Disturbance or discontinuous interference (click) analyzers. According to the supplier, it is the first of its kind, offering test houses, manufacturers, and R&D laboratories the means to properly calibrate all their click analyzer instrumentation easily, in house.

Click analyzers measure short bursts of RF noise. They are used to verify compliance with the CISPR 14 standard, which defines a click as an RF pulse which lasts for less than 200 ms, separated from the previous or next pulse by more than 200 ms. Calibration of these instruments is defined by CISPR 16, which specifies 22 different test patterns to be recognized by the analyzer. CPG 1502 is said to be the first stand-alone instrument designed to produce these test patterns. It reportedly simplifies a previously complex calibration procedure.

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