John Deere's Lawn Tractor Production Planning Will Make Use Of Planalytics' Impact LR To Forecast Demand
February 2002
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February 11, 2002. Planalytics Inc. said today that John Deere Worldwide Commercial & Consumer Equipment Division (C&CE) has signed an agreement to access Impact LR, an Internet-based application that measures the specific effects of future weather on consumer demand by product, location, and time.

The Deere Division will use Impact LR to forecast demand and plan production for lawn and garden tractors marketed in the United States.

"A big factor affecting consumer demand for tractors is weather, and with Planalytics' technology we can now plan farther ahead, aligning our production volume more closely with actual future demand," said Dale Brimeyer, Director of Order Fulfillment Services with C&CE.

Planalytics says Impact LR provides manufacturers and retailers with knowledge of how weather has and will influence their business up to one year in advance. This is designed to support more effective planning and forecasting, product distribution and allocation, and advertising and promotion timing.

Planalytics is based in Wayne, PA, U.S.

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